Pocket Bonding Press

Pocket Bonding Press Video


  • It is used to fix the pockets of the products made of woven and knitted fabrics by ironing after sewing or after bonding and fixing the bonding process applied.
  • Thanks to the specially designed upper and lower molds, the product does not slip while pressing.
  • Thanks to the ironing system with Air Bag, high efficiency is achieved at very low pressures, so it definitely does not deform the fabrics.
  • It can be adapted to different models thanks to its replaceable molds.
  • Printing temperature and time settings can be adjusted according to the product to be ironed.
  • The bottom mold is high vacuum.
  • The vacuum motor is adapted inside the machine and has the capacity to generate high vacuum.
  • It has a vacuum cooling system.
  • Thanks to the specially designed resistances and the upper pressing head, the ironing allows the heat to spread homogeneously to the surfaces.
  • Easy to use thanks to the digital display
  • Hourly and daily production report can be obtained from the screen.
  • Thanks to the smart fault finding system, the faults in the machine are detected on the screen.
  • It provides precise heat adjustment and energy saving thanks to the specially produced resistors and computerized heat control system.
  • All kinds of safety precautions have been taken for the user on the machine.
  • The machine is PLC control.
  • The machine has CE certificate.
  • Product IDEPA 725B
    Size700x1200x1900 mm
    Weight340 kg
    Electricity380 V
    Power5 kW
    Compressed Air150 pcs/hr
    Air Consumption6-7 bar