Shirt Pocket Pressing Machine

Shirt Pocket Pressing Machine VIDEO


  • Shirt Pocket Pressing Machine presses pockets of shirts and provides perfect form
  • Provides fixing of bonding for non-iron shirt pockets
  • Excellent up and down moulds of Shirt Pocket Pressing Machine is in harmony with all kinds of shirt pockets
  • Specially designed upper and lower moulds prevent slipping of the seams during pressing
  • Air bag ironing system delivers high efficiency at low pressure, generating no deformation on the fabric
  • Pressing temperature and time settings can be adjusted according to product that will be pressed
  • High vacuum lower mould
  • Vacuum motor installed inside the machine with high vacuum producing capacity
  • Shirt Pocket Pressing Machine has a vacuumed cooling system
  • Specially designed resistors and upper pressing head allow equal heat diffusion on pressing area
  • Ease of use with the digital display
  • Digital screen provides hourly and daily production reports
  • Smart-fault notification system enables easy detection of machinery malfunctions, trackable using the screen
  • Unique resistors and computerized temperature control system of Shirt Pocket Pressing Machine provides precise heat adjustment and energy savings
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control) controlled machine
  • A number of safety precautions protect the operator
  • Shirt Pocket Pressing Machine has a CE certificate
Product IDEPA 725
Size700x1200x1900 mm
Weight230 kg
Electricity380 V
Power5 kW
Capacity150 pcs/hr
Compressed Air6-7 bar
Air Consumption96 nl/min