Cuff Shaping Machine

Cuff Shaping Machine VIDEO


  • Cuff Shaping Machine perfectly irons shirt cuffs and prepares the cuffs to be worn on the shirt sleeves
  • Adapts to all cuff styles and reduces the mould cost to zero by using a universal mould
  • High vacuum motor installed inside the Cuff Shaping Machine
  • Oil-free operation system
  • Cuff Shaping Machine features an easy to use digital display
  • Digital screen provides hourly and daily production repo
  • Smart-fault notification system of Cuff Shaping Machine enables easy detection of machinery malfunctions, trackable using the screen
  • Automatic stacking system
  • Unique resistances and computerized temperature control system provides precise heat adjustment and energy savings
  • Optional control unit of Cuff Shaping Machine adjusts the vacuum power for sensitive fabrics
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control) controlled machine
  • A number of safety precautions protect the operator
  • Cuff Shaping Machine has a CE certificate
Product IDEPA 203M
Size950 x 1030 x 1450 mm
Weight270 kg
Electricity380 V
Power7 kW
Capacity360 pcs/hr
Compressed Air6 bar
Air Consumption45 nl/min