Collar Shaping and Blocking Machine

Collar Shaping and Blocking Machine VIDEO


  • Collar Shaping and Blocking Machine's new exclusive pressing system forms shirt and blouse collars flawlessly
  • Automatic mould carrier provides perfect and standardized pressing for collar points
  • Adjustable digital temperature control ensures perfect adaptation to all types of fabrics for excellent ironing quality
  • Adjustable pressing settings ensure perfect results on sensitive fabrics
  • Easy toggle switch for single and dual pressing
  • Separate adjustable pressing time control for single and double pressing
  • Collar Shaping and Blocking Machine has easy and quick mould changing system
  • Optional digital display
  • Optional collar holder system
  • Collar Shaping and Blocking Machine is a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) controlled machine
  • A number of safety precautions protect the operator
  • The machine has a CE certificate
Product IDEPA 305
Size950 x 1205 x 1300 mm
Weight150 kg
Electricity220 V
Power1.5 kW
Capacity300 pcs/hr
Compressed Air6 bar
Air Consumption25 nl/min