Hot Air PVC Welding Machine for Inflatable Boats and Tents

Hot Air PVC Welding Machine for Inflatable Boats and Tents Video


  • Excellent results on all types of fabrics, especially PVC and its derivatives. Superb results in inflatable boat PVC welding applications.
  • Air and waterproof adhesive applications for challenging applications. Three independently adjustable attachments: circular closure, side closure, strip attachment.
  • Touch screen for adjustable multi-program structure, 10 different recipes with independently adjustable speed, heat, and time parameters.
  • The speeds of the upper/lower differentials can be automatically adjusted independently. Adjustable belt slots.
  • High-tech resistance that can be set up to 550°C and reacts quickly. Lossless and accurate temperature measurement by measuring the heat from the air outlet.
  • High-tech alarm and information system. Digital pressure level visible on the screen. Easy adaptation to products thanks to precisely adjustable pressure settings.
  • 3-axis adjustable hot air nozzle. Changeable printing rollers and nozzle tips between 25mm-80mm.
  • The machine is PLC controlled.
  • The machine has a CE certificate.
Product IDToria 8022
Power4.100 watt
Air Pressure2-6 bar
Speed10 m/min
Weight320 kg
Size700x1720x1850 mm
Max Temp550 C