Steam Pocket Creasing Machine

Steam Pocket Creasing Machine VIDEO


  • Prepares the pockets made of knitted and woven fabrics for sewing by ironing..
  • Optional: irons woven and knitted veils and prepares them for sewing.
  • It allows you to get fast and standard products in production with its wide mold options Easy and fast mold changing system It can be connected to the external steam system.
  • Optional: Integrated steam boiler
  • Easy to use thanks to the digital display
  • Adjustable steam and ironing time
  • Hourly and daily production report can be obtained from the screen.
  • Thanks to the smart fault finding system, the faults in the machine are detected on the screen.
  • Thanks to the PLC controlled adjustable temperature control, perfect ironing quality is achieved by providing perfect adaptation to all kinds of fabrics.
  • The machine is PLC controlled.
  • All kinds of safety precautions for the operator have been taken on the machine.
  • The machine has CE certificate.
Product IDEPA 207B
Size800 x 1105 x 1110 mm
Weight140 kg
Electricity220 V
Power1 kW
Capacity200 pcs/hr
Compressed Air6 bar
Air Consumption35 nl/min