Automatic Clothes Folding and Packaging Machine

Automatic Clothes Folding and Packaging Machine VIDEO


  • It folds textile products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, pajama sets, singlets, undershirts, tracksuits, knitwear, jeans and chino pants quickly and in a standard way.
  • Folding shapes can be adjusted on the screen as center folding, center double folding and triple folding according to the desired folding features.
  • The machine can be adapted to the desired size with a single click on the touch screen by memorizing all folding and size types up to 1500 according to the model and size number.
  • All settings can be adjusted automatically on the screen.
  • Malfunctions on the machine can be seen visually and audibly on the screen.
  • Thanks to its 1000 x 1250mm large loading area, it can easily fold large sizes and clothes.
  • It can also be used in small sized products thanks to its minimum 16cm width folding size.
  • It can be used for folding large sized products thanks to its maximum 33 cm width folding measure.
  • Thanks to the HD screen, the packaging operation can be controlled in real time.
  • Thanks to the automatic piece counter, the pieces and work done can be checked.
  • All safety precautions have been taken for the operator.
  • The machine has CE certificate.
  • Center fold 650 pcs per hour, double fold 500 pcs per hour, 3 fold 350 pcs per hour
  • Optional: Bagging Unit.
  • Optional. Bag Mouth Coating
  • Optional: Needle Unit
  • Optional : Barcoding Unit
  • Optional: Stacking Unit
Product IDEPA 5001
Size3000 x 1190 x 1390 mm
Weight405 kg
Electricity220 V
Power780 kW
Capacity650 pcs/hr
Compressed Air6 bar
Air Consumption84 nl/min