Side Seam Pressing Machine Triple Head with Shock Cooling

Side Seam Pressing Machine Triple Head with Shock Cooling VIDEO


  • The machine is used for shaping, straightening, and fusing interlinings inside the side seams of shirts. Thanks to its specially designed upper and lower molds, it perfectly fits the side seams of shirts. The special design of the upper and lower molds ensures that there is absolutely no shifting of seams while the product is being pressed.
  • Maximum efficiency with a triple mold system. The lower molds are highly vacuumed. Pressure, heat, and timing settings can be adjusted according to the product to be ironed.
  • The vacuum motor is integrated inside the machine and has a high vacuum production capacity. It can be connected to central vacuum units.
  • Excellent results thanks to shock cooling. Special design resistors and the upper pressing head ensure that heat is evenly distributed over the ironing surfaces.
  • The use of specially produced resistors and a computerized heat control system allows for precise heat settings and energy savings.
  • The special-coated ironing heads prevent shine on fabrics. Easy to use thanks to the digital display. Hourly and daily production reports can be obtained from the screen.
  • An intelligent fault detection system allows for the identification of faults occurring in the machine through the display.
  • All kinds of safety precautions for the user have been taken on the machine.
  • The machine is PLC controlled.
  • The machine has a CE certificate.
Product IDEPA 744-20
Size2060x1800x1850 mm
Weight820 kg
Electricity380-400 V
Power12 kW
Capacity300 pcs/hr
Compressed Air6-8 bar
Air Consumption80 nl/min